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An Itch To “Scratch” - A Comic of Life…

Tests on how a camera picks up light with a slow shutter speed. I think the swirly reflections worked well. EDIT: this is the most disappointing 400th post I could do…

I think I’m going to try and record some quick rough song demos weekly. Then eventually when I feel like it I can finish them up. This was one I wrote today and felt maybe I should see how doable it is to record it and add the other respective instruments as soon as it came to me. Also I couldn’t actually be bothered with recording the bridge even though I wrote one - I guess I was tired (even though I only spent about an hour on this). The lyrics are a stream of consciousness and are hardly audible anyway.

Fact VERSUS Fiction - Concise Fundamentals

The way you write for fiction differs from a non fictional piece. The main factor wrapping this issue is the pacing, and I don’t entirely mean the pacing of the narrative structure. No, I’m focusing on the load of work you are able to put out in segments of time. In this piece, I will discourse the connected constellations of writing styles and reveal the reason you are unable to keep your head down on the page.

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How to Deal with Boredom and the Consequences of Having Done Nothing - A Tale of Misconception

What is boredom, what does it mean to be bored, and how, how are we supposed to deal with it? We deal with it subconsciously, our mind goes into overload, it magnifies every single detail to make ourselves find something new. Magnifying it all, even the sad loneliness of waiting. Time is magnified incredibly, moments so small feel like a millennia of time (metaphorically). Minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks - but don’t let it get to the point of stagnation! Doing absolutely nothing for days leads to depression, depression leads to lack of motivation, lack of motivation again spirals into nothing. To erase this loop, you must do something. But how? By interpretation. Life is there to interpret, to analyse, to examine and be entertained.

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Robin Williams’ ability to communicate with gorillas is what we’ll miss the most.

Is There Hope Where We’re Heading?

In life, we individually think we know what is really going on - we expect our life to go forward and congeal with what we think the future will be.
But of course, it isn’t that easy to work life out. The future continues to confuse us, it acts like the ongoing culmination of not so random sequence of events that we place in our heads as the road we’re heading to. Still, we act surprised that the ongoing result of the culmination of these billions of people interacting with each other doesn’t fit our own selfishly tailored view of what will happen tomorrow. It’s just the hard fact that sometimes we feel that life is unfair.
The truth of ourselves is that mind reading only lies in time, waiting for answers to come. To break the barrier though, you must go forth and find those answers for yourself. Things may go wrong, but life will still go on - the future is unknown.

Photomicrographs are images taken with a photographic camera aimed at the viewing lens of a microscope, often of frozen drinks, foods, objects, etc. The colours however, appear that way because the objects are dyed to show the intricacies of these tiny detailed marvels. This site has a photo gallery of many different photomicrographs to look at: http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/micro/gallery.html 

Artisanal Pencil Sharpening

That is right! For the very modest price of $40.00 USD, you can send a single pencil to this man and he will personally sharpen your pencil by hand, send back a ziplock bag of your sharpenings and a certificate of sharpening for your own satisfaction.

Crashing into Darkness

Crashing into Darkness