Why do I need a new blog?


I’ll be away for 3 weeks so I’ve added a little timer here and I don’t think I’ll be posting anything else tonight unless I get any hit ideas. It may take a moment to load and clicking it I think sends you to my blog, so mind your step, wait don’t step on your computer and that phrase doesn’t work in this context. Well, I’ll leave this post as it is and hopefully nobody hacks into my account and begins posting boooooring things without my permission. Alright, au revoir (I’m going to France).

Fun Websites that Cure Boredom

I wrote up an About page quickly even though it was in matter of hours (half hours), which felt like minutes, so I guess I can say it was quick, because it felt quick. It’s mostly unpredictable ramble but it includes some portion of it about me, but most of all I wrote about page. I wrote about “page”, the page itself. Anyway, here is my about page: http://mikaefrat.tumblr.com/About

P.S. warning, there is some annoying formatting issues I’m going to attempt to deal with soon enough on my blog, so don’t mind the odd yellow text and the weird compression when squeezing the size of the window. Maybe hit the light switch in the top left corner of the site. Also the secret page isn’t ready yet (or is it…)

I took a shower this morning - and got arrested for theft…

Story Idea: Rumpelstiltskin falls under amnesia and must guess his own name!

I drank a glass of water… The water digested, but the glass didn’t.

My cat was sitting on a shopping bag and I felt it was a nice position to exploit her through animation.

˙˙˙əɯıʇ sıɥʇ ɹlqɯnʇ dn pəssəɯ ʎllɐəɹ ı

😋 Yeah, I sure hope Tumblr doesn’t add Emoticons. 😦 No, I wouldn’t like that. 😶 Huh? Why did it smile? 😳 Um, ok… 😉 What? 😍 Uh? 😌 …I give up.

Animation I made of person crying from about a year ago.

Animation I made of person crying from about a year ago.